Sweet Potato Skin Mooncake
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Healthly Sweet Potato Skin Mooncake

Super delicious and similar to snowskin mooncakes. Lower in fat and sugar, these sweet potato skin mooncakes can perfectly replace snowskin mooncakes.

Sweet Potato Skin Mooncake

Although it’s healthier, you’ll still have to eat in moderation because no matter what, it is still high in calories.

I first saw this on the Douyin app (Chinese version of Tiktok) but the amount of ingredients used wasn’t clear, so I did a lot of trial and error to get it right. I failed at least 3 times. I’ve collated the tips that I have learnt below.

Sweet potato

White, orange or purple sweet potatoes, it’s all up to which colour you want your mooncakes to be. Best part, it’s already sweet by nature, so we do not have to add much sugar for the recipe.


Glutinous rice flour is a must for that chewy texture.

As for the other flour, there are recipes that use rice flour or all-purpose flour, I’ve tried both. Rice flour is a little difficult to manage as the dough will fall apart easily as compared to all-purpose flour. Do substitute with rice flour if you are out of flour.

Ratio of glutinous rice flour and all-purpose flour is 2 : 1 .

Flour will be coloured once mixed with sweet potato, unless you are with white sweet potato.


The usual fillings are usually lotus paste, white lotus paste or red bean paste. You can get these easily from baking supplies store.

Sweet Potato Skin Mooncake with Red Bean Paste Filling

Of course it will be great if you can make your own mooncake fillings, only then this mooncake will truely be healthier as store-bought fillings are much higher in oil and sugar content.

I add melon seeds to my filling but you can opt out of it too. I wasn’t able to get the usual black melon seeds, so I replaced pumpkin seeds. You can also use sunflower seeds too, if you like.

Sweet Potato Skin Mooncake

Sweet Potato Skin Mooncake

Delicious and similar to snowskin mooncakes, it's naturally sweet and healthier.
Prep Time 1 hour
Cook Time 40 minutes
Resting time 30 minutes
Total Time 2 hours 10 minutes
Course Dessert, Snack
Cuisine Chinese
Servings 16 mini mooncakes


  • Steamer


Mooncake skin

  • 200 g Sweet potato (white, orange or purple) washed
  • 110 g Glutinous rice flour
  • 55 g All-purpose flour
  • 1 tbsp Sugar
  • 120 ml Water

Mooncake filling

  • 320 g Choice of: lotus paste, white lotus paste, red bean paste
  • Melon seeds optional


Mooncake skin dough

  • Slice sweet potato about 1cm thick, then place in steamer and steam until soft.
  • When sweet potato is cool enough to be handled, peel skin and mash.
  • Add glutinous rice flour, flour and sugar. Mix.
  • Add water and knead into a smooth dough.
  • Cover and put aside to rest for 30 mins.
  • Split dough into 30g each, roll into balls.

Mooncake filling

  • Add melon seeds to filling and mix well. (Add more melon seeds according to your preference)
  • Split filling into 20g each, roll into balls.


  • Flatten sweet potato dough, place filling in the middle, wrap and seal the filling. Roll into a ball.
  • Sprinkle glutinous rice flour in mould before each use, squeeze mooncake slightly into oval. Place in mould and apply some pressure to shape it.
  • Steam over medium low heat for 20 mins.



  1. Mooncakes are best consumed within 3 days.

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